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Release 37 (LP4.1) - 9/29/12

Mary Ellen
posted this on September 30, 2012 12:27 PM

With this release, you see the first phase of the LP4.0 UI enhancements. LP4.0 will bring a cleaner and more streamlined user interface that is focused on efficiency.  Check out the updated Workspace Tour for a closer look.      


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For a demo of key updates in this release and a preview of future releases, watch our recorded webinar:

What's Next For LiquidPlanner

Release Details

  • The My Work tab is now the home for your timesheet and a new and improved Active Tasks page.  (It replaces the old My Tasks page).  You'll see a new edit pane which allows you to make most any edit to your tasks one page. 
  • The Inbox is a new container which serves as a landing zone for work that you are not yet ready to schedule. 
  • The "Watch" feature was renamed to "Follow".   A new Notifications page shows your notification settings as well as all of the plan items that you are following.  You can turn off follows from there as well.  
  • A new avatar menu provides quick access to your personal profile, notification settings and the sign out function.  
  • The new Status Report in the view gallery replaces the old Progress Report and Upcoming Report.  In one report you now see hours logged, hours remaining, percent complete, tasks, milestones and totals by person.
  • The Workload Report in the View Gallery now includes the Overall Workload summary with a remaining workshare percentage for each resource. (Handy for load balancing.)
  • Workspace Owners, Co-Owners and Managers can now add tasks to member timesheets during timesheet review
  • In the Report Builder, the Workload metric graph for Person and Team reports was updated to better reflect past and future time periods.  
  • In the Report Builder, Manager-level members will no longer see metrics based on rate sheet calculations.  It was always our intention that such calculations should not be visible to managers, and this has always been the case for timesheet export data.   This change bring consistent application of that policy.  
  • The Rate Rules sheet has been renamed to Billing Rules to reflect the most common use-case for that rate sheet.    
  • SEK (Swedish Krona) is now a currency option for your workspace. 
  • A phone number field was added to your Personal Profile settings.   
  • A name/date stamp was added to the Detailed Notes section to reflect the most recent update to detailed notes. 
  • The ability to add a workspace-level comment on the the home page was removed.  We found that there wasn't sufficient understanding that a comment added there would not be associated to any specific plan item.  Given that, and the relatively low use of the feature, we decided to remove it.  If you miss that feature, we suggest that you add such comments to the new Inbox.
  • Restricted members no longer have the ability to add new tasks/events/milestones via their My Work pages (Active Tasks and Timesheet).  This is a temporary situation which will be resolved in a future update.  In the meantime they will have to do this via the Projects page. 
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