Create a Sandbox Workspace

We recommend that you create a new LiquidPlanner workspace for your initial API experimentation and testing. This way you won’t disturb your production data (or other users of your production workspace), you can work with a small and controlled set of data, and you can easily clean up (or start over) if things go sideways.

If you already have a LiquidPlanner account, then sign in to LiquidPlanner > click the user menu (profile picture) > select Workspace Directory > click the “Start New Trial” button at the bottom of the page to create a new workspace.

If you don’t already have a LiquidPlanner account (or you want to use a separate account for development) then sign up HERE. Completing the sign up process will automatically create a new trial workspace.

Contact the LP Support Team if you need assistance creating a sandbox workspace or if you'd like us to code your sandbox for extended use.

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