HTTP Status Codes

Check the HTTP status code of responses from the API to determine whether your request was processed successfully.

Success Codes

  • 200 OK = successful read, update, or delete
  • 201 Created = successful create

Error or Exception Codes

  • 400 Bad Request = unrecognized or invalid request URL
  • 401 Unauthorized = credentials not provided or are incorrect
  • 422 Unprocessable Entity = unsuccessful create, update, or delete; syntactic or validation error
  • 404 Not Found = record does not exist, or you do not have permission to access it
  • 500 Internal Server Error = unexpected error; you’ve likely found a bug in LiquidPlanner
  • 501 Not Implemented = you asked for an API version that is not implemented (either because it does not exist, or it has been deprecated)
  • 503 Service Unavailable = API is disabled globally, or your account is throttled; check the error in the response body
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