Zapier: getting started

Here's the list of what can be done with the Zapier integration:


  • New or Changed Client
  • New or Changed Comment
  • New or Changed Document
  • New or Changed Package
  • New or Changed Project
  • New or Changed Task


  • Add a Comment to an item
  • Create Activity
  • Create Checklist Item for a Task
  • Create Partial Day Event
  • Create a Dependency
  • Create a Folder
  • Create a Link for an Item
  • Create a Milestone
  • Create a Note for an Item
  • Create a Package
  • Create a Project
  • Create a Task
  • Create an Estimate for a Task
  • Create an Event
  • Send Clear Timer
  • Send Item Move After Command
  • Send Item Move Before Command
  • Send Start Timer
  • Send Stop Timer
  • Send Track Time
  • Send Track Time via a Timer
  • Trigger Accept Timesheet
  • Trigger Un-Accept Timesheet
  • Trigger Submit Timesheet
  • Trigger Un-Submit Timesheet
  • Update a Checklist Item
  • Update a Comment
  • Update a Link
  • Update a Milestone
  • Update a Partial Day Event
  • Update a Task
  • Update an Event

Got a question for us about Zapier integration?  Please search and/or post in our Developer Community or find the answer on Zapier website.


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