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    Nadia Welter

    Hi Ricardo, 

    First of all, your running time sounds a little slow. Is there some overhead on your end? Please email support@liquidplanner.com if you'd like any help investigating performance. 

    As to your query, I am thinking you might need  to get your Inbox tasks in one call and your Urgent package tasks in another call. As we discussed in a ticket recently, in order to get all the items that are inside a container, whether they live there directly or packaged there from other parent containers, you need to issue a request to the treeitem with the package_id and filter with depth=-1 parameter. You can add multiple owner ids if you want to capture only specific members, like this: 

    https://app.liquidplanner.com/api/workspaces/:workspace_id/treeitems/:package_id?depth=-1&filter[]=item_type=Task&filter[]=is_done is false&filter[]=owner_id=id1,id2,id3

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