adding people to a task using API



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    Brett Bender

    To "Add People" to a task, you'll want to use the /update_assignment endpoint.

    Here are docs:

    To add a person with ID 123, you'll POST to the /update_assignment endpoint with:

    { "person_id": 123 }

    as your payload.

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    Andrew Blum

    Thanks Brett.  That did the trick ! 

    I was able to use /api/v1/workspaces/:workspace_id/treeitems/:treeitem_id/update_assignment to handle reassigning the task to a person with a different id with a payload similar to:


    I had some additional confusion in the documentation about the values of the treeitem_id and the assignment_id referenced.  After some experimentation I determined that the assignment treeitem_id and the task_id were the same  ie. mytask['id'] = mytask['assignments'][0]['treeitem_id']

    I then determined the assignment_id I needed to use in the payload had a value of mytask['assignments'][0]['id']

    Neither of these were obvious to me from the documentation. 
    Does that sound right to you ?Regards,Andrew


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    Nadia Welter

    Hi Andrew, 

    Yes, you are correct! I'll see what we can do to make the documentation a little more clear on this. 

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